Stainless Steel Paintbrush Washer with Lid & Filter

Easily clean and preserve your paintbrushes with our efficient Stainless Steel Paintbrush Washer, complete with lid and filter

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The Stainless Steel Paintbrush Washer with Lid & Filter is an essential tool for artists, allowing them to easily clean and maintain their paintbrushes. With its durable stainless steel construction, convenient lid, and efficient filter system, this washer ensures thorough cleaning while keeping harmful solvents contained.

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  • Sturdy & Durable: Stainless steel material, with rubber gasket, can effectively prevent liquid from leaking and soiling clothes or paintings, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, durable, recyclable
  • Comprehensive Design: Rubber sealing ring prevents solvent overflow and evaporation. The removable filter cup can filter out impurities and provide a surface to clean and drain the bristles. Three clips can tighten the lid, and the handle makes the brush washing machine easy to carry
  • Widespread Use & Easy to Use: Can be used with water, alcohol, turpentine, brush cleaner and other solvents. The paintbrush cleaner is easy to clean after use. Our stainless steel bucket is widely used in studios, art classes or places for still life or landscape painting
  • Sealing Lid & Removable Filter Screen: There is a leak-proof sealing ring on the cover, and it is tightly fixed by a firm clip. The removable filter can make paint and other impurities settle to the bottom, leaving a clean solution on the top
  • Wonderful Gift: The brush cleaner oil paint can be given as a gift to friends or relatives who love to paint. This will be a very popular gift. They can take it out to gather style and paint

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